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About PanAvest
International and Partners

Who We Are

Established in 2001, PanAvest International works in partnership with forward-thinking public and private sector businesses and organisations to enhance their supply and value chain know-how, value creation, market share and profitability. Coming together on a needs basis, PanAvest uses supply chain and governance-related thinking to assist organisations to make a real and sustainable difference to their organisations and the communities in which they operate.

As a quasi-virtual business partner we encourage continuous improvement and help organisations to differentiate themselves from the competition. While we are committed to driving our clients’ overall performance and bottom line results, we also focus on assisting businesses and policy makers to build today with the future in mind, take an interest in the communities and environment in which they operate and most importantly care about the wellbeing of the current and next generation.

Under the leadership of Professor Douglas Boateng, PanAvest International uses innovative and value-driven consulting, mentorship, coaching, advising and corporate citizenry-driven partnerships to facilitate business continuity and organisational success.

Douglas Boateng

Professor Extraordinaire in Supply and Value Chain Management

Douglas Boateng is an international chartered director, social entrepreneur, adjunct academic and researcher. He is independently acknowledged for his global contribution to knowledge and skills development in the areas of industrialisation, supply chain management, logistics, procurement and governance.

Recognised as Africa’s first Professor Extraordinaire in Supply and Value Chain Management he is passionate about the role of supply chain strategy development and implementation in the facilitation of emerging-world long-term socio-economic development.

Professional Experience

As a practitioner, researcher and academic Boateng has spent over 25 years working and mentoring in various areas of supply chain management.

He has extensive practical and scholastic understanding of the inextricable link between supply chain management and long-term service delivery quality, human capital development, industrialisation and socio-economic development and is currently among a group of highly experienced global professionals with certified chartered directorship recognition by the Institute of Directors. This is a result of his ability to professionally assist public and private sector organisations with thought leading governance and directional reforms.

Boateng has occupied the role of chairperson and mentor on several enterprise and small business development projects. Through these roles he has assisted directly in the skills development and mentoring of various SMMEs (Small, Medium, Micro-sized Enterprises).

As a certified international chartered director with considerable experience in directional leadership and value chain compliance, he has provided various stakeholders, executive directors and CEOs with thought leading insights on governance and directional leadership. As a supply chain mentor and coach he has helped numerous individuals to improve their personal and organisational performance.

In addition to his research and coaching, Boateng serves as a supply chain and governance-related analyst, consultant and advisor in both the public and private sector – regionally and internationally.

Since 2007 Boateng has acted as an external examiner, postgraduate and Doctoral supervisor for governance and supply and value chain management related skills development at various institutions including UNISA’s Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL) and the Wits Business School.


Professor Boateng is an elected Fellow member of the Institute of Directors (United Kingdom and Southern Africa); Institution of Plant Engineers; The Society of Operations Engineers; The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (United Kingdom and Southern Africa); The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply; The Chartered Management Institute; and The Institute of Operations Management.

Achievements and Awards

  • HP Lifetime Supply Chain Management Leadership Achievement Award awarded in 2018 for his role in educating policy makers and public and private sector officials about the powerful link between supply chain management and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Two distinct Life Time Achievers Awards from the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) for industrial and academic contributions to local and international industrial engineering, supply chain governance and productivity (2013 and 2016).
  • Among a handful of globally recognised vertical specific experts to concurrently be honoured with elected fellowships in at least six leading international professional institutions.
  • First ever Professor Extraordinaire for Supply and Value Chain Management to be appointed in South Africa and the rest of Africa. These unique appointments, by leading institutions of higher learning, are for individuals who have demonstrated major academic and industrial excellence as well as global leadership in a specific field. In all cases the appointee must have attained national prominence and international recognition for outstanding achievement.
  • Induction into the Institute of Directors Southern Africa Wall of Fame for contribution to logistics and supply chain management (2008).
  • Among a selected group of practicing international senior executives outside the United Kingdom to be elected as a chartered professional fellow (by both invitation and examination) of the Institute of Directors (UK). Chartered Professional Directors are highly experienced C-suite executives who serve on boards to assist with governance, organisational development and growth.
  • First independent distinguished extraordinary chair to be appointed by the Institute of Operations Management (UK) to help improve executive operations and industrial management skills development in Africa.
  • Published over ninety (90) action-based company and industry case study papers, executive supply chain management skills development manuscripts and independently endorsed supply chain management related thought leadership books.
  • First recipient of the MSD (MMD) Doctoral scholarship award for engineering business management in the United Kingdom in 1991.
  • One of the youngest sector specific professionals to be admitted for membership into the United Kingdom’s Institute of Directors in 1994 and was one of the first vertical specific postgraduate students in the United Kingdom to graduate with an action research Engineering Management Doctorate in 1998, focusing on selected aspects of international pharmaceutical/pharma-chemical logistics and supply chain management.
  • He has been publicly acknowledged by the Commonwealth Business Council for his contribution to international supply chain management and emerging world long-term economic development.
  • He was publicly acknowledged by Who-is-Who of Southern Africa for his contribution to selected industrial initiatives, including e-commerce development in the developing world since 2000.
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